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Postcards are meant to be souvenirs.


They illustrate memories of places visited and represent the wish to share moments in life with someone in another place. 


Sending a postcard is a gesture that aims to connect lives over great distances. 

But as time goes by, boxes full of postcards get lost or are simply thrown out. 

Once separated from the receiver, the cards lose their meaning, and its representation of a connection between two people fades away – but not completely.

I investigate found postcards and the socio-cultural phenomenon they represent. 


My research will go beyond a mere record of the images and information shown on postcards.


I seek to investigate the places that are shown, the people that are mentioned, and the stories that are written on them. In my past works,

I set off on foot to discover historical places or people’s addresses, to see if that person still lived there and to create a connection between the past and the present –

and perhaps to create a future interaction with a hidden story on a postcard. 

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