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55.92 273°N 21.68140°E

Plunge Lithuania


Project by Juozas Laivys
"Cemetery caretaker J. Laivys: "I am creating the life of an artist who does not create"


  1. On the basis of freedom, justice and peace in the world, respecting the dignity of artists and their works, without any restrictions on sex, race, nationality or religion, we announce the following regulations of the Artworks Cemetery (hereinafter “AC”), which underpin
    the basic guidelines for our work.

  2. In order to ensure smooth integration of artworks into culture, we provide them with
    the opportunity to create and change, and recognize the right of artworks to personal life and death.

  3. In the global world, the excessive use of creativity, as an adjective of creation, manifests itself in at least two side effects: first, it acts as a stimulant that causes a premature birth effect, and secondly, there are many infertile artists who use the techniques of artificial insemination. This results in the artworks that are physically weak and in a very poor state. These artworks live for a very short time, so they need to be buried. It is likely

    that the demand for the AC will only increase in the future.

  4. In certain cases the abundance of premature creation as a bacterial infection affects

    more mature creative manifestations, which due to their age have a tendency to die.

    Therefore, the AC welcomes artworks that have died in any way.

  5. The separation of the author from the artwork is based on the undisputed right of

    the artwork to personal life and death. The AC is perceived as an opportunity for all artists respectfully to say goodbye to their creations in this way promoting a clean and unpolluted world of conscious creators.

  6. The foresight of the resurrection of an artwork entails the development of metaphysical ideological lines and the respect of all attitudes and confessions as well as their discrepancies.

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