Depopulation Shadow in the Dead Mall 

(smells like murder)

1 channel HD video, color, sound, 16:9, 9 minutes 10 seconds


2011 Gunma, Japan


ART PROJECT MAEBASHI / L’Association Franco-Japonaise de Gunma

Shingo Yoshida / Johanny Melloul / Chanteuse Chizuko

The Japanese economic recession of the 1990s transformed the earlier shopping mecca of the rural city Gunma into a ghost temple. 

The work of Shingo Yoshida here means the rediscovery and remembrance of an era before consistently declining birthrates and people leaving for the seek of more convienient living conditions finally leading into the phenomen of fatal depopulation of Japanese rural areas. Since then under the pressure of time modern landmarks as the shopping mall shown in the work kept falling into disrepair. 



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