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Kanagawa Kenmin Hall, Yokohama, Japan

18 December 2022 -  28 January 20023

Curated by Hitoshi Nakano 


主催/会場:神奈川県立県民ホール : 公益財団法人神奈川芸術文化財団



Réprouvé (Castaway)

Jun 2018 4K 3min 37 sec
Year : 2018 June  Calama, Chile

* Synopsis

A considerable amount of abandoned garbage lies in the vacant land at the end of the city of Calama in Chile. Stray dogs and gypsies have settled in the area, transforming it into a no man's land with an almost untouchable atmosphere.

There is always a strong wind blowing across the flat terrain.

The economic activities in this region include mining, with operations such as the Chuquicamata copper mine having a significant impact on the environment. The extraction of materials like lithium from these mines is essential for our daily lives and the operation of the ALMA Observatory, illustrating the paradox of scientific progress amidst environmental destruction.

S. Yoshida created a wind instrument installation using abandoned bottles.

This project was inspired by the actual seven colors of the 'Wiphala', which originate from the visible spectrum.


The significance and meanings for each color are as follows:


• Red: The Earth and the Andean man

• Orange: Society and culture

• Yellow: Energy

• White: Time

• Green: Natural resources

• Blue: The heavens

• Violet: Andean government and self-determination

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