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Templin, Partie am FDGB
Erholungsheim Salvador Allende

Germany 24.Feb.2013

This is the Salvador Allende Recreation Center (Erholungsheim Salvador Allende) in the town of Templin, Brandenburg, which was operated by the Free German Trade Union Federation (FDGB: Freier Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund) during the former East German era.

Templin is the name of a town located in the northeastern part of Brandenburg, Germany. The FDGB was the trade union federation in former East Germany, which provided welfare benefits and holiday facilities for workers.

Salvador Allende was a Chilean socialist who served as the President of Chile from 1970 to 1973. As a socialist state, East Germany sometimes named facilities after leaders of other socialist countries.

旧東ドイツ時代に、ブランデンブルク州の町テンプリン(Templin)にあった、自由ドイツ労働組合連盟(FDGB: Freier Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund)が運営するサルバドール・アジェンデ休養施設(Erholungsheim Salvador Allende)です。

テンプリンはドイツ北東部のブランデンブルク州にある町の名前です。FDGB は、旧東ドイツ時代の労働組合連盟で、労働者のための福利厚生や休暇施設の提供を行っていました。


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