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FORGETTABLE forget me not #5

Year : 2005 Lyon France
Length : 9 minutes 45 seconds
Format : SD

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Anywhere there are people who take care of the animals within a city. In the ancient Colosseum in Lyon, France there was an old lady who took care of eight black cats treating them to a meal three times a day. To get at the root of this old lady’s intention I made her a black plush cat by hand as a present. This is the documentary video.





    Projektraum Kunstraum Kreuzberg - Bethanien, Berlin, Germany ( 2013 )


« Blows to the Temple »

    Node Center for Curatorial Studies - Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany ( 2012 )* 


« Cto!! Kto"#et? Qui Vive? »

    NCCA ( National Centre for Contemporary Arts ), Moscow, Russia ( 2006 )

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