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Kamuy yukar

Japan / Hokkaido - Rishiri Island Yamunai-Rive




Year : 28-31 August 2020 
Length : 4 min 30 sec  
Format : 4K ProRes 422 HQ

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Synopsis : 

New Ainu law passed, specifying "indigenous people" for the first time, April 19, 2019

The new Ainu law, which clearly states for the first time that the Ainu people are an "indigenous people," was adopted by a majority vote at a plenary session of the Upper House on March 19. The new law, which replaces the Ainu Culture Promotion Act, prohibits discrimination and includes the creation of a new grant system to support tourism and industry.

The new law aims to create a society in which the pride of the Ainu people is respected, and includes easing restrictions on traditional fishing methods. 
There is also a growing international demand for consideration for indigenous peoples.

The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism stressed the significance of the new law at a press conference after the Cabinet meeting on March 19, saying, "Maintaining the honor and dignity of the Ainu people as an ethnic group and passing this on to the next generation is important for the realization of a vibrant, harmonious society in which diverse values coexist in harmony.

On the 18th, the House of Councillors Committee on Land and Transportation unanimously adopted a supplementary resolution that included, among other things, "We solemnly accept the historical fact that many Ainu people suffered hardships in the process of modernization.

2019年4月19日 アイヌ新法が成立 「先住民族」と初めて明記








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