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On the Road

December 4th – 13th, 2009 (trondheim norway)


Installation in the North of Norway


A homage to the falling leaves in winter, those bicycles thrown away and my impression of IKEA. IKEA as global enterprise is by now encoded to be shared by a global community.


Shingo’s installation consists of Scandinavian material exclusively: an IKEA chandelier attached to a bike tire and decorated with cheap jewellery and reflector discs.

The chandelier is hung in a sombre wood and looks like a little monument in its own right. Shingo’s works often come about «par hazard», coincidentally, and spontaneously.


The chandelier piece, for instance, found its shape in the course of five days. It is an astute comment on Norwegian society.

In a humoristic and poetic way the artist shows how something that is commonplace for Norwegians may be regarded as exotic and odd by visitors.


-Sara N. Müller Translation by Birgit Kvamme Lundheim

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