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Republic of Palau

Year: 29 Aug 2013


Sound: No
Length: 53 sec (Loop)
Format: HD (up-converted 4K

After seeing the remnants of the battlefield and the monument, I gazed at the beautiful islands and blue sea while thinking about those who died in battle and drowned in Palau. When I dived underwater, the jellyfish that playfully swayed seemed to resemble the souls of the deceased. The beauty of the bubbles underwater further evoked the severity of the suffering of drowning.

I remember when my family and I visited, the island people were very happy that the Emperor might come to visit them the following year. And the next year, I heard that the Emperor and Empress visited for the first time.

Also, by chance, I met a quite elderly traveler there who was a survivor of the war and had personally seen off the battleship Yamato during the war.




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