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Sanzu River 三途の川 (母へ草履を届けに

                         (To deliver sandals to my mother)

28 Agust 20121

恐山 青森 恐山 Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan.


Sanzu River

the Sanzu River. The good can cross the river by a bridge while the evil are cast into the dragon-infested rapids.

The Sanzu-no-Kawa/Sanzu River is a mythological river in Japanese Buddhist tradition similar to the Hindu concept of the Vaitarna and Greek concept of the Styx.

Before reaching the afterlife, the souls of the deceased must cross the river by one of three crossing points: a bridge, a ford, or a stretch of deep, snake-infested waters. The weight of one's offenses while alive determines which path an individual must take. It is believed that a toll of six mon must be paid before a soul can cross the river, a belief reflected in Japanese funerals when the necessary fee is placed in the casket with the dead.

The Sanzu River is popularly believed to be in Mount Osore, a suitably desolate and remote part of Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan.

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