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SOS Morse code - Fernsehturm


​Year : 30 April 2010 Berlin, Germany
Length : 4 minutes 42 seconds
Sound : No
Format : HD
Performance : Shingo Yoshida
Special thanks : Philip Vormwald 

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Shingo Yoshida’s video SOS Morse code – Fernsehturmengages the subject of communication codes with an absurd stunt at Berlin’s iconic TV Tower, a “futuristic” reminder of East German optimism and an inescapable symbol of the unified city. Just before closing and from inside the dark, empty lounge located in the giant sphere suspended high above the city, Yoshida employed an existing table lamp to flash out a forlorn SOS. The video documentation of this performance attains a melancholic, even existential grandeur at once personal and universal by presenting both a dramatic intent and a negligible effect.

SOS Morse code- Minatomirai

HD video, Loop video, Silent, Performance, 31/ 07/2007, Japan (Yokohama Minatomirai)

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