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Artist’s Edition

Residency co-produced by FRAC SUD, CCAS, CMCAS of Nice, and the EDF Factory Group of Roya Valley.
Edition produced in 50 copies by FRAC SUD - Cité de l’art contemporain
20 euros

Shingo Yoshida sees himself as a detective artist. He observes the enigmas of the world to encounter interpretations.
Traveling extensively, he draws inspiration from his surroundings and is keen to follow groups of individuals who form the primary subject of his work.
Following a three-week residency in the Roya Valley, he was able to join EDF agents in the field and offer his perspective on a shared, united, and spirited valley, through the privileged exploration of certain hydroelectric industrial sites: factories, power stations, and dams encountering local energies - sometimes reserved, retained, renewed, or turbined.
A film and a publication emerged at the end of the project, the current edition of which includes images from the video set to be broadcasted in early 2024 at the Musée des Merveilles in Tende in the Alpes-Maritimes.


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