The end of day and beginning of the world 



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Year : 2015 Siberia-Chukotka, Russia
Length : 22 min.
Format : 4K ProRes 422 HQ


This project at the Russian Far East, namely the Siberian regions of Chukotka and Beringia, was inspired by local raven folk tales. The "Chukchi" people showed us "Yaranga", their tents out of the cities. On our way we saw Eskimos ancient housing made of whale bones. To the North pole and Arctic regions we took meat and bread as sacrificial offerings to

nature and the ravens to thank them for their protection during the trip. 

There is a junction where the Arctic Circle crosses the 180th meridian. The latter runs vertically to set the basis for the International Date Line, which separates two consecutive calendar days.



With support of


Red Cross Chukotka Russia

Nortoco Northern tourist company Russia

Beringia National Park Russia



Special thanks 


Ida Ruchina

Vladimir Bychkov

Sonia Pastor

Éric Mangion

* 極東ロシア、シベリアのチュクチ半島とベーリング海におけるこのプロジェクトは、現地のワタリガラスの神話にインスピレーションを得たものである。








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