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頂上 -The Summit -

Mt. Fuji Japan  

Photo: Year : July 2019 

Film:   Year : March 2020  
Length : 14 min 32 sec 
Format : 4K ProRes 422 HQ

Music : Satoshi Ikeda  
Text translation : Jaime Humphreys & Satoshi Ikeda

Special Thanks : Satoshi Ikeda    

Text : Director-curator  Pierre Granoux (LAGE EGAL Berlin) About the Exhibition -The Summit at - LOKO GALLERY Tokyo 2020.02.07 - 03.07 

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Synopsis : 

[On August 20th , Shōwa 49 (1974), a stone tablet inscribed with a haiku was set atop Mt. Fuji.  This was my father’s near-reckless project, to fulfil
the dream of my grandfather who was a haiku poet, —to bring a stone tablet to Kengamine next to the observatory on Mt. Fuji, the highest peak of Japan
worshipped as its symbol from ancient times.]




*** HAIKU translate

- 下界まで断崖富士の壁に立つ 山口誓子 
[Standing atop a sheer cliff of Mt. Fuji continuing down to the world below]


- 大沢崩れ覗きてすくむ登山靴 北舟子 (祖父)

[Looking down Osawa Kuzure my feet tremble]


- 初富士に一礼頂に父の句碑 南舟子 (父 : 菊次郎)

[Making a bow to Mt. Fuji on New Year, where stands a stone tablet inscribed with my father’s haiku]

** 07-Feb 2020  Solo show at "Loko Gallery Tokyo" as part of the programme "Yebisu International Festival 2020 Tokyo"

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