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"The end of day and beginning of the world"



Shingo Yoshida realized this project at the Russian Far ­East, namely the Siberian regions of Chukotka and ­Beringia, where the 180th meridian runs vertically setting the ­basis for the international date line, which separates two ­consecutive calendar days. Local raven folk stories served as source of his inspiration.


Production Cooperation with: 


Ida Ruchina, Director of the Red Cross Chukotka,Russia 

Sonia Pastor, Beringia National Park, Russia 

"Voyage au centre de la terre"



In pursuit of „Journey to the Center of the Earth“

about Jules Verne‘s book.

He went to visite the place which the book tell about it in Iceland.

He represented it in his way. ICELAND 2014/07/20-23


Production Cooperation with:  Heida Hardardottir

"Mystery on the Isle of Skye-Nessieland"
Isle of Skye, Inverness

Scotland, UK 2014/11/21-28


Production Cooperation with:  Yojiro Murai

"I prepared the perfect answer
                                              that you wanted"
Yoshida is constantly attempting to verify his own existence in different countries and societies; as a parasite, incubating in societies and situations, absorbing all,passing it through the filter of his own remembered experience,
then feeding it back into "proof of existence" in the form of his works.
It was produced in a place called Oiyakaha in the Amazonian jungle in Brazil.
Due in part to an unexpected turn of events in an almost unimaginably challenging jungle environment, Yoshida's three-week survival sojourn in this place come to by chance and lacking running water or electricity prompted
a new regeneration of the self and reconstruction of circumstances,
via self-destructive behavior.
The result is a work of raw, unrelenting realism.
Brasil (Amazon-Oiyakaha) 2010/07/10-31


"Calendar 2014 " 
Centre National d’Art  La Villa Arson Nice France



This photographic series offers another perspective of the wanderings of Shingo Yoshida, still being in the heart of wild, uninhabited, inaccessible or too long neglected environments: the beach of Eze, the area of Ariane,the rooftops of Nice, a secret cave at the bottom of an ancient park... In this silent radiography, the artist calls phantasmal places into being that are somewhere in between the heart of the frenetic city and the serene vastness of the sky. 


A calendar of photographic work organized by Villa Arson Nice was made. 

Monthly descriptions contain 12 extremely exotic languages which seem disappearing, 

such as Inuit or Old Irish or Egyptian. 


Edition la Villa Arson Nice, France - Centre national d’art /

10 € En vente à la librairie de la Villa Arson ( ContactsRenseignements : +33 (0)4 92 07 73 73

Service édition Céline Chazalviel Tél. +33 (0)4 92 07 49 13 /



Japanese photographer Shingo Yoshida travels the world in search of breathtaking images
and moving stories. In our newinterview he talks about his adventurous journey through Siberia, the unbelievable diversity of its folklore, the inspiring beliefs of its people and
 of course  its magnificent nature. 
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